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"Rules Awards Categories"

Rules & Regulations

  • 1 - A dancer may not compete against him or herself in a category.
  • 2 - Dancers must check in back stage 5 numbers before their scheduled performance.
  • 3 - A routine will only be considered a quick change if there are less than 5 numbers between performances.
  • 4 - In the...
  •

    List of Awards

    Session Awards:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards for every category
  • Routines that do not fall in the top three placements will receive an “achievement award” . Special awards at each adjudication.

    Adjudicators Choice:

  • “Choreography...
  •

    Time Limits

  • Solo 3 minutes
  • Duet/Trio 3 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Small Group/Large Group/Line 4 minutes
  • Extended Line 7 minutes
  • Production Maximum 15 minutes (this includes time for prop setup)
  • All routines will be time checked the day of the competition....

    Eligibility & Categories


  • Solo: 1 dancer
  • Duet/trio: 2 or 3 dancers
  • Small Group: 4-9 dancers
  • Large Group: 10-14 dancers
  • Line/Ext. Line: 15+dancers
  • Age Determinations:

    Solos as of Dec 31st
    Duets, trios,...

    Results Archive

      Download the results pdf from past tours here: Download Tour Results

    NEW Locations for 2015!

    Brantford Sanderson Center

    dance competition Sanderson Center Brantford


    Peter Chu Ajudicating Dance Competition Sanderson Center Brantford

    “Located in the heart of Brantford’s newly revamped downtown core at 88 Dalhousie St., The Sanderson Centre has been a staple in the entertainment and nightlife in the city since 1919.” Go to for additional info about the facility/location.
    UPDATE: Peter Chu will be adjudicating at the Sanderson Centre!

    Four Points London

    Dance Competition Four Points London


    dance competition Four Points London

    “Four Points London is the perfect place for your Canadian adventure. Our London, Ontario hotel is located near downtown and across from the city’s largest shopping mall. Our unique location puts you within minutes of the areas best golf, dining, shopping, wineries and more. Our London, Ontario hotel is also located closely to London Health Science Centre which includes South Street Hospital, University Hospital, Victoria Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Byron Family Medical Centre and Victoria Family Medical Centre.” Go to for additional info about the facility/location


    Added cash scholarships in every city...

    • $50,000

      Over $50,000 in scholarship awards to attend the top dance conventions in North America will be given out this season.




    2015 Tour Testimonials

    Dar - Artistic Director

    Artistic Edge Dance Co.

    "Hi Ladies, I just want to take the time to thank you once more for a really great weekend! Your comp runs so smoothly..."

    Read More


    Ashley Morrow

    The Dance Movement (Director)

    "Thanks again for a great weekend!
    I want to mention that we have been listening to the commentary from the judges and have been really impressed with their feedback. You don't always get that from a panel and so you learn to really appreciate it when you do..."

    Read More


    Annissa Crespeigne

    The Dance Movement (parent)

    "Hi there, Our son danced this weekend in your London competition. We were extremely happy with the entire comp..."

    Read More


    Lorinda and Kristen - Studio Directors

    Stage Presence School of Dance

    "Thank you again for a great competition in Orillia. So well run, encouraging but yet keeping it competitive and not washing it out with the "everyone wins" mentality..."

    Read More


    2014 Tour Testimonials

    Lori and Dave Cacciotti

    Directors of Happiness is Dancing

    "Thank you again for being so helpful and kind to us this past weekend. Our studio had a great time and we love Deerhurst! BeDance will be one..."

    Read More


    Tiff, Chantelle & Mary

    The Spot Dance Centre

    "Hi girls,
    We just wanted to thank you again for an amazing weekend. Our students, parents and ourselves had a great weekend at BeDance. From the judges and scoring, to the venue and the staff to just the entire concept...we truly felt you covered it all. It ran very smoothly all weekend, with very reasonable start and end times and we had a blast all weekend long..."

    Read More



    The Dance Extension Director

    "Hi Julie and Christina,
    First of all I want to thank you for an amazing comp weekend!!! My parents and students were very impressed with your comp and we all felt it was very professionally run and you were all so gracious and kind..."

    Read More


    Kim Engel

    The Dance Connection Director

    "Hey Julie and Christina,
    I can't thank you enough for a great weekend at Deerhurst! You two make a great team and run a really great competition. I like how you have taken bits of the old school ways..."

    Read More


    Kathryn Bisland

    Bisland Dance Centre Artistic Director

    "Hi Guys,
    I just wanted to reach out again and say thank you so much for an incredible weekend and for choosing to give me the Dance Teacher Summit scholarship. I truly appreciate the scholarship and am looking forward to attending this August..."  

    Read More


    Be Dance Adjudicator

    Ted Banfalvi

    "Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time adjudicating at Be Dance this past weekend.
    I love the way you conduct your competition..."  

    Read More


    iNhayle Dance Company

    Hayley Paone - Artistic Director

    "Hi Ladies,
    I just want to say that you guys are doing such an amazing job!!! Not only are you so organized and have the comp running so smoothly but you are both so personable and kind. That goes along way..."

    Read More
    BOLD Dance Company

    Emilio, Sandra & Stephanie Macri (Studio Directors)

    "Hi Julie & Christina,
    We just wanted to send you a quick email to say THANK YOU for an amazing weekend!
    We really enjoyed ourselves at Be Dance this year, as did our students and their parents! You guys run a great competition, which we found to be fair, fun, professional and unique!..."  

    Read More
    The Movement Dance Company


    "Hi Christina,
    I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you and Julie for a great weekend - our dancers had an amazing time and we felt like we were a big part of the weekend..."  

    Read More
    Director of Protege Dance Company

    Christine Tavares

    "Hello Ladies!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! A well run and super organized competition made our weekend a joy! I appreciate how enthusiastic the judges were during presentations and how professional your staff was- a total package competition..."  

    Read More
    Be Dance 2013 Adjudicator

    Chemay Forresster

    "Hi Julie and Christina,
    I had a great time judging your Toronto event, and am so happy to hear about your feedback! Your competition was run so smoothly and professional, I hope I can bring my students to one of your events next year...."  

    Read More
    Up to:


    Cash awards

    Up to $500 awards to the highest scoring group in each of four divisions

    • Special Prizes: teachers gifts/prizes at each adjudication.
    • Parent appreciation raffle prizes throughout the weekend and an accommodating schedule for high school students.
    • 1st 2nd and 3rd placement announced in EVERY category



    With teaching experience

    • Top notch adjudicators from Canada and the US, who will be interactive with the dancers and offer positive feedback.
    • A positive learning environment for dancers of all ages and levels.


    Change rooms

    Large Stages

    • Spacious change rooms.
    • Large stage, ideal for groups and lines.


    Our Story
    Julie & Christine

    Be...Inspired Be...Creative Be...Athletic

    Julie and Christina Nigro have been a part of the competitive dance world for as long as they can remember. After years of training and attending dance competitions they made the decision to become dance teachers. As teachers of both competitive and recreational dancers, they strive to give their students the opportunity to learn and grow under their direction. Outside of the classroom the sisters have been advocates of dance. They have shared their passion for dance with each person to cross their path. It is the biggest part of who they have become...

    Read More

    Celebrities Come to Bedance

    Celebrity Performance

    This season was full of dance education and inspiration. Our adjudicating panels were second to none. Each adjudicator took a special interest in the dancers who attended our events. They were sure to not only give well thought out critiques during each performance but, to work hard to make sure the dancers left having learned something. Each special awards session delivered dance "education" as the adjudicators used their years of teaching experience to bring their critiques to life. The special awards were also filled with inspirational words of encouragement and reminders of how to maintain a positive competitive attitude.
    To add to the inspiration that our adjudicators were diligently working towards delivering, we at Be Dance invited some well known local talent to perform for the dancers!!!
    The Next Step Stars Isaac Lupien and Brittney Raymond shared their talents on our Toronto stage, through solo performance and a brief Q & A session. The dancers LOVED being in the presence of these young celebrities, and most importantly they had FUN.
    We are looking forward to continuing to host special guests at Be Dance in our upcoming 2015 season!

    Tiffany McLachlan - Adjudicator


    As a former studio owner, current master class teacher and adjudicator, Tiffany McLachlan has raised the bar for professionals throughout the industry. Tiffany brings her own unique style to adjudication and special awards. Her sincere passion for dance and love for children is apparent as she strives to inspire every dancer who crosses her path. You can guarentee that you and your dancers will leave this competiton with a memorable experience!

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